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We started with a simple idea.


Many companies who deal with agriculture, manufacture, mining, building constructions and others, have troubles with finding the necessary equipment for water supplies, monitoring the safety and security of the working space, for ecological studies or pre-production researches, for monitoring the quality of water or ensuring the fire safety. They have to look for different facilities in different places. The stores and suppliers rarely provide their clients with assistance in developing projects and planning the supplying, monitoring or security systems.

We decided to combine all services and all products in one place. Melmach is the company where everyone can find solutions for all problems, from the starting point, when you need to make a plan, and to the final stage when we deliver the necessary equipment for you.

We provide the highest quality services for various businesses and research companies:

  • Farms and food manufacturers;
  • Ecological science;
  • Water resources maintenance;
  • Mining;
  • Building;
  • Sewage and landfill remediation.

The list is not full. We have a lot of energy and enthusiasm to accomplish any task.

Water Supply Engineering