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We provide effective and accurate equipment for water level monitoring, water quality, sampling, and pumping. The wide range of products from world-known manufacturers: water level meters, water level dataloggers, multiparameter probes, and pumps.

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Melmach supplies gas analysers in a wide range of models. Single cell and multi-cell gas analysers, portable and fixed solutions for biogas industry, landfill gas extraction, food processing, research, medical, buildings, and transportation.

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All necessary tools for the detection, monitoring, and remediation of the hydrocarbons contamination: oil/water interface meters, ATEX pneumatic and electric pumps, passive hydrocarbon recovery systems.

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Leachate and Wastewater

Long-wearing industrial equipment for the monitoring and extracting of the landfill leachate and wastewater: level meters, flow meters, data loggers, quality meters, pneumatic and electric pumps ATEX certified.

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