Water supply is one of the most important tasks in farming and industry. Organizing any business, manufacture or agricultural company, construction project or remediation process, water is necessary for technical and consumptive use. It is not enough to provide the water to the field, the ecology monitoring and removal of sewage are required. Water must be monitored for chemical contaminants and biological hazards, regularly sampled and measured.

We accompany our partners from the first stage of planning and researching the area to the stage of developing projects and supplying the high-quality facilities. We cooperate with world famous manufacturers that will satisfy any budget and demand.



Water supply engineering is a part of engineer study and practice that is necessary in all human activities. Water engineers are in high demand in industry, agriculture, municipal authorities, road construction etc.

Industrial facilities can work in different fields, with or without a main water supply line. The engineers have to provide technical and drinking water from wells and open reservoirs, with reliable and accurate control of quality.

Irrigating fields, watering cattle and poultry and general organization of the farming enterprise is impossible without the qualified water supply engineering. Our company offers the help of savvy specialists who are competent in this field.

Water supplies involves the ecological science on all stages of projecting and implementation. In the same time, many ecological projects require the work of water engineers.