Water and soil remediation is an important question for any kind of business. It is easy to solve this problem when you trust the supply of all necessary tools to a reliable and trusted company.

Our company provides high quality equipment to accomplish the most difficult tasks. We supply only the durable, solid, resistible to any hazardous environment equipment. Various models of pumps, filters, controllers, meters and loggers will stand you good stead in any kind of remediation and ecology operations.


All Necessary Tools

Melmach supplies all necessary equipment for research and work. Here you will find all you need, along with qualified assistance of competent specialists.

Durable, wearproof pumps are the essential part of remediation equipment. We offer various models of electric and pneumatic pumps, ATEX certified, for all kinds of boreholes and water reservoirs.

To control the contamination, chemical composition, the presence of hazardous elements and solids, you will need our reliable and precision water quality meters.

Monitor and control the level, pressure, temperature, and other parameters on a continuous basis with the help of data loggers.