Heron Dipper-T

The dipper-T water level meter is a topline, top quality instrument used for measuring static and falling head levels in wells and boreholes.

Heron Skinny Dipper

The Skinny Dipper water level meter is ideal for measuring static water levels in narrow wells, boreholes, tubes and piezometers.

Heron Water Tape2

The Water Tape2 is a cost effective choice that can accurately measure both static and falling head levels in wells, boreholes or standpipes.

Heron dipper-T2

The dipper-T2 water level meter is designed for well drillers, consultants, and hydrogeologists all across the globe.

Heron Little Dipper2

The little dipper2 is the best tool for measuring the depth of water in a well or borehole that requires a short tape length.

Heron dipperLog 64

The dipperLog 64 is the data logger that offers a maximum storage capacity of 64,000 data points and an extended battery life up to 10 years.

dipperLog VENTED

The dipperLog VENTED incorporates a gauged transducer that measures pressure exempt from barometric influences.

Heron dipperLog 32

The dipperLog 32 is the economical data logger that offers maximum storage capacity of 32,000 data points and expected battery life up to 5 years.

Heron barLog

The barLog is configured to measure barometric pressure fluctuations necessary to compensate the absolute dipperLog data files.