Geotech Biogas5000

The Geotech BIOGAS 5000 is a portable gas monitor for accurate gas monitoring within biogas applications.

Geotech GEM5000

Geotech’s GEM5000 is a portable landfill gas extraction monitor that measures CH4, CO2 and O2 gases.

Geotech GA5000

Geotech’s GA5000 is a landfill and contaminated land portable gas analyser, that measures CH4, CO2, O2, H2S and CO.

Geotech G100

Geotech’s G100 is a portable analyser designed to monitor CO2 and O2 for the verification of incubators.

Geotech G110

The G110 analyser is designed to monitor CO2 for food processing, research, medical and the brewing industry.

Geotech G150

The G150 analyser monitors CO2 for air quality applications such as buildings and transportation vehicles.

Geotech G200

The G200 N2O analyser is designed to safety check background and breathing zone levels of N2O.

Geotech G210

The G210 is for highly accurate measurement and quality verification of piped N2O and O2 in hospitals.