Open Channel Type

USI Flow

The USI has been specifically designed for trade effluent monitoring and wastewater plant inlets and outlets.

USM Flow

The USM is a low-cost flow meter designed for smaller budgets but with a user-friendly interface.

Closed Pipe Type

USI Magflow

The Universal Smart Instrument (USI) is an innovative two channel closed pipe flow meter.


Available in remote or integral display options, the Smart Storm flowmeters are designed for highly reliable flow measurement of conductive liquids.

Area Velocity Type

USI Area Velocity

The USI Area Velocity is an innovative monitoring instrument and data logger that delivers multi-parameter measurements including Area Velocity flow and water quality in a single device.

USM Area Velocity

The wall mounted USM Area Velocity flowmeter is used to measure flow in open channels, surcharged pipes, and partially full sewer pipes.